Meet Our New Interns Katheryne and Walker!

Meet our newest interns who are making a name for themselves here at Bleu, Katheryne Vu (Social Media / Content) and Walker Fisher (Content / Copy). Bleu: We would like to introduce our new fall interns, Walker and Katheryne! Welcome! Please tell us a little about your work and position here at Bleu.

Walker: My exploration in multimedia design and production has brought me to Bleu. I am grateful for the opportunity to learn from the magnificent creatives on the content and design teams.

Katheryne: I specialize in social media management and strategy. In the past, I have managed social media accounts for events, startups, informed consent for clinical trials, and individuals. I am excited to apply my social media expertise here at Bleu and to learn from a team of talented individuals!

Bleu:  Excellent! What are you hoping to accomplish during your time here?

W: It’s my mission to integrate new forms of communication that use innovative platforms of technology, live performance, and motion graphics. I believe the future of marketing is within the power of suspending disbelief. It is my self-imposed challenge to revolutionize digital production to keep up with the ever-changing markets.

K: Like Walker, I have a fascination with different forms of communication. I am especially interested in online communication, from writing styles to self-representation on social media. I want to play with the boundaries of social media and create a new meaning to social marketing.

Bleu: Thank you for your time. One last question: name three things you draw your inspiration from.

W: I feel most inspired on expeditions through the natural world. I have found an authentic sense of creativity from visual-jockey and lighting design within the music industry. Finally, I truly love to stare at the stars.

K: Coffee, delicious food, and funny cat videos.

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