Think About Someone Else—for a Change

Simon Sinek: If You Don't Understand People, You Don't Understand Business
If you don’t understand people, you don’t understand business, according to this 99u conference talk by Simon Sinek. The first step, he asks, to being successful? Stop thinking about yourself. Instead of worrying about how you can make more sales, produce better content, succeed at whatever it is you do—worry about the person next to you. Help them to do better, and not just so you can take personal benefit from it. Hear Sinek share real-world examples of how helping others actually does help you in the end. His personal stories and insight left me thinking less about what I can do for me, and more about what I can do for others. With a workforce so competitive, it’s easy to think only about yourself and your own goals. But when you just make the effort to be kind, or think about someone else’s perspective, it helps you both. And in the end, wouldn’t you want them to be doing the same for you, too?

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