The Changing Face of Media

In the broadest sense, media is made up of two general types: digital (online, mobile, social media) and legacy platforms (print, out-of-home, television, radio). As user interaction and types of media evolve, departmental strategy must follow suit. Korede, our media director, explains that “a user may need up to 12 touches or tactics to move down the pipeline and begin a conversation or sale.” So what are all the ways in which a customer can be targeted? How is that shifting and changing? According to a recent report from Nielsen, the average American adult spends 11 hours a day interacting with digital media. Quartz published a slightly different article, citing 8 hours a day. Either way you cut it, we are awake for 16 to 18 hours per day. That means we’re logged in and basking in blue light for up to 68% of our conscious time. Let that sink in. As average American adults, we spend the majority of our life willingly scrolling, swiping, pinning, liking, and clicking digital media. But, surprisingly, the future of media and marketable ad space may not be driven by smartphones, but rather by brands and products built with media top of mind. Teague_Poppi_PromoClass Teague’s “airline of the future,” Poppi, wants you to take another look at that middle seat you’ve been avoiding. With their “promotional class,” middle seats are redesigned to “represent the sponsors, and feature both exclusive in-flight experiences and after-flight takeaways. On some routes, [the seats] could be sponsored by Beats or Microsoft. On another route, UNIQLO or Adidas.” ShiftWear’s smart sneakers prove wearable tech isn’t just for your eyes or wrist, but also your sole. Using HD color e-paper, they’ve successfully crafted a waterproof, machine washable, and all-around-robust customizable display. It’s not too far of a stretch to imagine brands buying ad space on the shoes of highly visible people. Similar to what we do now with brand partnerships and athletic sponsorships, the only difference is the flexibility of digital displays—their cycling and changing, by the day or hour. So what’s next? It’s anybody’s guess, but one thing is certain—wherever tech goes, media is never far behind.

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