The First Draft Challenge!

As a follow up to our latest article about writing first drafts, we’re issuing a first-draft challenge to the entire Bleu Team. Everyone who submits, regardless of how good or bad your draft is, will be entered to win a $15 Starbucks card. Rules: Take no more than 5 minutes to write (time yourself). Here’s the prompt: Think about a stranger you saw this morning. They are going to be the main character in the quick story you are about to write. Be sure your story includes something about:
  • Where they just came from.
  • Where they are headed next.
  • What is going to happen at 3pm that is going to change their life forever?
Ready, set, go! We’ve extended the challenge through Friday, September 5. So dive in! ————- UPDATE: Entries are in! The Fist Draft Challenge   Congratulations to Korede for winning our Free Write Challenge drawing! You’ve won the $15 gift card to Starbucks. Special thanks to Daniel for selecting the lucky number. And thank you to everyone who submitted… we’ve got some really great short stories to share! Stay tuned for the next challenge!


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