Recycling Ideas

In her article, Busted: 10 Myths about Creativity, Christina Desmarais discusses David Burkus’ 10 refutations of beliefs that make creativity more difficult. They are:


Edison Lightbulb

Let’s look at the Originality and Constraints Myths.

When it comes to creative marketing, a roadblock can become a windfall. Faced with a lack of funds to attend an important conference, Jodie Ellis made the presence of his start-up known by cleverly using one of the resources available to him—thin air. Smiley Balloon Ellis launched a blimp over the conference, displaying the message “Blimp ads don’t work, website optimization does.” This story points out two truisms of innovation:
    • Recycling ideas is productive
    • Necessity is the mother of invention
As for the first, Ellis took something that was eye-catching in the past and re-imagined its use. These ideas often inspire forward thinking through repurposing.  They don’t need to be pulled out of a hat. Revamping something old, like a blimp, makes it an exciting novelty in a modern situation. Necessity, in this context, comes from Ellis’ need for his start-up to survive. When the stakes are so clear, there is a push to innovate. With all of the energy we spend at Bleu on creative solutions, we have a lot of respect, and a touch of envy, for the splashy –and cost-effective—way Ellis spread his company’s message. Here is the story of a truly memorable bit of marketing that would not have happened had Ellis simply been able to pay the conference fee.

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