Looking Back At A Bleu Milestone

One year ago, Bleu became a Davey Award Gold winner for our S.P.E.E.D (Super Power Engineering Endeavors Department) Super Recruit Campaign with HP. Inspired by the Avengers, the Super Recruit Campaign was a way to turn product training into a series of fun challenges. The trainees weren’t simply quizzed on products; they were proving themselves worthy of joining an elite force of HP Super ambassadors and unlocking traits and items that would reveal their super hero character. Our team had a blast creating all the one-of-a-kind characters featured in the campaign. There were quite a few that didn’t make it to the case study, so here is a behind the scenes look at some of the sillier super heroes. Upon completion of the challenges, participants received a certificate with their super hero persona that they were able to personalize by uploading a picture of their face. Rather than sticking with stock hero images, our creative team came up with a set of unique, quirky characters that participants could choose from. From Beastman and Captain Caffeine to Boogie Man, the Defender of Disco, our cast of heroes was extremely well received. Participants often went through training repeatedly to see what kinds of results they could get. The campaign saw a huge response rate and was an international success. HP Super Recruit was so successful that a sequel campaign with a comic book feel was created to continue training for new HP product features. 4-18-2012 11-05-06 AM 4-17-2012 4-58-14 PM

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