Intern Alert: Michael Leung

I was born in Texas, but I grew up in always-sunny San Diego. As cliché as it sounds, I spent my childhood skateboarding, playing guitar, and eating burritos. Following high school and a deep sense of wanderlust, I flew to the East Coast, living out my college career at Brandeis University near Boston, MA. While at Brandeis, I endured snow like I’d never seen before and met some incredible people. Of course, I missed proper Mexican food, but generally I cherished my time as a college student—free of heavy concerns and responsibilities. Looking back, I like to think that I became a better person during my time there. After all, I was regularly reminded that the Northeast was good for “building character,” or, in my own words, good for experiencing face-murdering weather. So I HAD to come back to the West Coast. No more shoveling driveways or getting yelled at by Boston sports fans. And although I’ll miss mocking the way people say, “park the car in Harvard Yard,” I’m glad to be back home. What Brings Me to Bleu I majored in two areas: business and film/interactive media studies. After fueling my academic fascination with marketing and shooting for personal pleasure, an advertising and design firm like Bleu seemed like a perfect fit. 770b5c_6eae2574538946dabfb344720652ac33 770b5c_962e305d188b45d3a9c3b1b99a90a6b6 770b5c_c36d314e884d4732be2b79f73a3f268b I hope to accomplish many things while I’m here, though if you’re looking for a generic answer: I really hope to learn as much as possible! In all honesty, I wish to achieve as much as I possibly can, while still having something to show for all the hard work that I’ve done. I really believe that Bleu will help me realize these goals. In my experience so far, Bleu has been wonderful. It’s an intimate but involved company where employees have the freedom to make a difference with each project, imprinting a personal style on their work. In this way, I never need to worry about losing my identity or misplacing my sense of pride and creativity—two qualities that I hold with the utmost importance. IMG_3320 On any given day of the week, you can find me…
  • Celebrating Taco Tuesday the right way
  • Feeling the dense fog on my skin and asking, “Is it finally raining?!”
  • Holding impromptu staring contests with old Cantonese ladies when riding the bus through Chinatown
  • Petting strangers’ dogs and contemplating the consequences of stealing their pets
  • Eating the delicious food, hearing the amazing music, and experiencing the unrivaled culture of the Bay Area
A few of my biggest pet peeves are…
  • When people say Chipotle is their favorite type of Mexican food
  • When characters in movies don’t say goodbye before hanging up the phone
  • When people attempt to shove their way onto a train or bus before letting you off
  • Pizza eaters who don’t eat the crust, so that I have to eat it for them
  • Crocs with socks
  • When pedestrians walk in groups of 3 or more and take up the entire sidewalk, preventing you from getting to your haircut on time
  • Crumbs in the butter, ketchup in the mayonnaise…just wipe the knife!
Photography by Michael Leung

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