More Human and Emotive, Less Clever and Promotive

You might, like some people, watch this video and feel hopelessly trapped within your busy, distracted lifestyle, unwilling and unable to escape your lonely doom at the hands of social media. Yet…I would question that a little. I love this video, and here’s why I’m not hopeless. True, Shimi Cohen’s video is an in-depth look at the overuse of social networking in individual spheres—specifically the exhaustive, perhaps unconscious, effort people take in framing their real-time life in the context of “sharing” experiences to get “likes” from their [quantity of] friends. And, unquestionably, modern communicative tools are fundamentally changing human socialization and our capacity for sustained happiness. But we could also take his video as a challenge. A challenge for businesses, small and large. How can we change this landscape—where humans edit their lives and speed-read their feeds—and, instead, un-filter our humanity and use social media to share what’s truly in our thoughts…instead of shameless self-promotion. Because that’s what people crave and what they absolutely deserve: To be rid of dehumanizing words like “readers,” “audience,” “resources,” and “target” and simply identified as “people.”

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