Haunted Halls: Our Friendly Ghosts

When the sun sinks into slumber and shadows swallow the corners of each room, that’s when some say our building comes to life. Nestled on the sunny side of Cow Hollow and built in 1909, the building has housed families, a fashion boutique, a chiropractic practice, a real estate broker, and psychic services. Now it’s where Bleu calls home. Although much has changed, there’s still a lingering presence that makes us ask, “Is Bleu really the only resident here?” In the spirit of Halloween, here are a few first-person accounts of our agency’s resident ghosts: “One weekend I went into the office to catch up on some work and was definitely the only person in the building. I was walking down the hall to the kitchen and could hear somebody going up and down the stairs. It freaked me out, so I saved what I was working on and left!” –Sarah Wallace, Copywriter “I don’t believe in ghosts, but sometimes when I’m the only one working on this floor, I hear footsteps walking up and down the stairs.” –Emily Hassing, Operations Associate Stairs 2 “I’ve worked for Bleu for about 15 years. I haven’t experienced anything yet, but it seems like everyone else has!” –Dana Al-Suwaidi, Associate Account Manager “Another time, I was sitting alone in what is now Joella’s office at one of the desks, when I turned my head and saw a little girl in an Edwardian dress out of the corner of my eye. She was 10 or 11 and was wearing a blue striped dress with puffy sleeves and a big blue bow in her blonde hair. I did a double take, but nobody was there! I got goosebumps all over. Was it the ghost? Or just the light playing tricks on my tired, afternoon-slump eyes? Either way, it was spooky!” –Sarah Wallace, Copywriter “I don’t think I’m sensitive enough to pick up ghostly vibes. The closest I get is a fondness for the movie Casper.” –Britt Goh, Content Marketing Coordinator “I made frequent visits to the building when I bought it years ago. However, it always felt like there was another presence in the room even when no one else was there but me. I brought in a dowser who told me that a woman used to live on one of the floors and was thrilled that I bought the building. Her excitement was the energy that I’ve been feeling.” –Laura van Galen, CEO Hallway “Most likely it was simply a symptom of working ungodly hours, but one night, while working late on a project, a strong wave of perfume filled my nose. It was thick enough that my nose burned and my throat itched. It was oddly familiar, yet, in this situation, inexplicably foreign—pungent and sweet. I froze. The doors were closed and there was no breeze.” –Lee Farrell, Visual Designer “Back in December 2013, Merl and I stayed in the building late after everyone went home. It gets really cold during winter, so we keep all the windows closed. We were at my desk when we heard a loud bang! coming from the kitchen. We both went to check. No one was there and the cabinets were open.” –Joella Gallegos, Human Resources Manager/Office Manager “Sometimes I hear the cabinet doors slam and sounds of utensils dropping in the kitchen. It’s just because the building is old. But Joella keeps telling me that it’s the building ghost.” –Jonathan Ng, Associate Media Specialist Kitchen-2 Photography by Michael Leung

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