Getting My Foot in the Door and Busting Internship Myths

This post was written by our excellent summer social media intern, Camille. She took the most common internship myths and put them to the test these past few months. See what she discovered when looking back at her time here at Bleu. Myth: Interns keep to themselves and are separate from the rest of the company.

Reality: You will get a taste of how your company works by just being immersed in the environment. An internship is the utmost helpful tool in deciding whether or not the career path you are heading down is going to be right for you. One of my favorite parts about working at Bleu was that I had the opportunity to sit in company meetings and conference calls with the clients. At Bleu, I was able to see projects executed from start to finish. I saw design, content, and account departments interact with each other and the client. Just like learning a language, the best way to pick something up is by immersing yourself in the company’s culture.

Myth: You will have a checklist of things to do every day.

Reality: It is up to you to manage your time effectively and continue your thought process—even when your immediate work is finished. As an intern, I was not there solely for busy work or work that others did not want to do, but rather I was asked to brainstorm, and curate content. Employers want to see interns who are intrinsically motivated and complete work without a rigid “checklist.”

Myth: The best intern experience is at a large, well-known company.

Reality: An internship is a unique opportunity where learning takes precedence over salary, job security, and any other priorities that come along with obtaining a full-time job. Do not write off the value of interning at a small company, especially for a first time internship. At Bleu, I gained exposure to every aspect of an advertising agency and I even saw my own ideas come to life. I made connections with experts in the industry that I may not have had an opportunity to do at a large agency.

Myth: You are there to memorize Starbucks orders and make copies.

Reality: No, you do not need to memorize your boss’s triple grande extra shot no whip Frappuccino. At Bleu, you are hired on as an intern, because you have a specific skill set and passion. You are eager to work with people who can help you learn more about the industry and achieve career goals. The amount of work you put in is exactly what will come out of the internship. Oh, and the only thing you must memorize at Bleu is the door code to let you in.

Written by Camille Burgess Illustration by Dustin McDavid

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