2014 Davey Awards Silver Award Winner Photograph of Vblock

Little Tower of Power

High-Impact Mail to C-Suite Prospects

How do you talk to Fortune 1000 C-Suite prospects and get them to listen? Deliver a miniaturized Vblock System right to their desks and let it do all the talking!

Giving Vblock a Voice of Its Own

This dramatic mailing piece allows the powerful Vblock System to speak for itself. After the big blue button is pushed, a 60-second introduction welcomes the prospect in Vblock’s own friendly “voice.”

Hello, I’m Vblock. Thanks for pushing my button. Let’s talk about why a Vblock System, that’s me, is the only truly converged infrastructure and your fastest time to business.

Photograph of Vblock Piece

Demo of the Direct Mail Experience

Photograph of the Vblock Brochure

A mini-brochure was included to highlight the unique features of the system in an engaging and shareable accordion format.

Lead-Gen Machine

A USB drive was also attached via a retractable wire. When the mini Vblock “spoke,” it encouraged prospects to plug the USB into their computer. This would launch them to an interactive Vblock microsite.

Once the prospect signs into the microsite, they are greeted with more product information, including three videos and two white papers—all available to download or share. This triggered an email to the campaign manager and sales managers, who could then follow up with these warm leads.

Photograph of the retractable USB on the back of the piece

An Engaging Response

This unique campaign was a hit with prospects and the marketing industry, winning a 2014 Silver Davey Award. Currently in market, it is generating buzz, industry attention, and impressive responses in the C-Suite for VCE.

Photograph of Vblock plugged into a laptop