HP Mission Possible

Direct Mail & Flash Application

The Mission Starts

Embracing HP’s excitement about their new, executive-class EliteBooks and ProBooks, Bleu created an interactive campaign/product adventure to educate HP’s global sales force about their own products. Challenged to complete “top-secret” missions in order to claim a reward, participants would first need to familiarize themselves with product specs, benefits, and use-case scenarios.

Strategy: Improve HP representatives’ product knowledge. Generate internal buzz. Increase interaction with an underperforming product tool site that offers easy-access sales materials and product information.

Application Design

Mission Accomplished

The campaign elevated traffic to the HP Tool Site and bolstered awareness of HP Notebooks around the world. The Mission Possible Direct Mail campaign saw an impressive response rate of 47%, remarkably high above the industry standard success rate of 2%.

In addition, the success of the project spawned a “franchise” of direct mail campaigns promoting HP Notebooks: Mission Possible 2 and Mission Possible 3.

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