Google Fiber

A gigabit of holiday cheer

Season's Greetings

As the holidays approached, Google needed a December greeting to remind (and reassure) an eager Kansas City community that Google Fiber was indeed coming to their area soon. The result? Bleu created a festive print ad and YouTube holiday card, featuring beloved city landmarks and attractions, as a friendly reminder and expression of goodwill.

Spreading the Joy

The video garnered immediate recognition in the community, and was featured on Kansas City prime time evening news and other local media outlets. It went on to receive more than 194,000 YouTube hits—a remarkable response extending well past the target date.

Talented Elves

Our team handled everything for the production in-house. Once the concept was established, we began developing the characters and city landmarks to showcase in the video. Then we got started on creating custom artwork and developing the animation. We edited the video, sourced the music, and put it all together for a successful result.