A Growing Business? It’s Ship or Be Shipped!

DYMO Endicia Uncomplicates It All

When a small business starts to take off, shipping is the first thing to bog down. The fastest and easiest way to scale up and keep people working efficiently is by using the power of DYMO Endicia, today’s most proven shipping software. DYMO Endicia needed to get the word out to these prime prospects and generate qualified leads.

Growing Awareness: Outdoor, In Print, On Web

Bleu developed the campaign with a unique mix of media, message, and eye-catching creative that maximized impact. Dramatic and quirky photos in 4-color ads, in digital and outdoor billboards. Targeted touches with online newsletters, banner ads, and free webinars. Plus social media and engaging infographics.

Web Design

Bleu created a mobile-compatible HTML5 microsite with an animated intro that showcased specific messaging for each target segment. The site also housed a customer story contest connected to brand PR and social media efforts.


Common Interests, Uncommon Response

From a new social media hub to high-impact direct mail, the campaign delivered on the goal of driving qualified leads into the pipeline as it refined and defined key markets through growing intelligence and analysis. Bleu’s targeted approach also unearthed opportunities for leveraging media partnerships to supplement white paper programs, online webinars, and across-the-web banner blasts.