A New Approach to Healthcare Messaging

Seeing an opportunity to gain ground in the healthcare technology market, Cisco turned to Bleu for ideas. We took a close look at digital magazines and asked, “Why can’t healthcare information be this engaging?” An interactive digital magazine for the iPad seemed like a perfect vehicle for spreading the word about how innovative Cisco technology is revolutionizing healthcare.

Multimedia Flavor

Starting out with dry case studies of healthcare trends and Cisco technology, Bleu reshaped and enriched the content by making it more reader-friendly. And we embedded video, making full use of Cisco assets, and turned what used to be plain-looking reports into an exciting, engaging magazine.

White Papers into Info-Candy

Working closely with the Cisco team, we took a handful of dry, straightforward white papers and brought them to life by transforming data and charts into richly interactive infographics and engaging stories.

The Evolution of Information

Using resources at Cisco and digging deep into market research, we identified a gap in the industry discussion. We discovered doctors are looking for healthcare content and moved Cisco into position as one of the first providers.

You can now download Well for free on the Apple App Store and read magazine-style articles about healthcare technology conveniently on your iPad.

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