Cisco Tablet


A Sea of Devices

Anticipating the potential disaster of tablets and smartphones flooding the business space and concerned about the demands of rising video consumption, Cisco needed to develop a sophisticated answer to this serious network problem. Bleu helped tell the story of Cisco innovations in an entertaining video that inspired confidence and trust in complicated systems.

Strategy: Acknowledge the fear. Demonstrate that IT resources need not be taxed in order to allow personal devices on your network. Attach metaphor to jargon-heavy technology. Keep the video short and sharable. Naturally, optimize video for tablet viewing.

Final Video

Highly Informative, Prominently Featured

Bleu developed a script suited to Cisco’s brand voice and animated a video that made the intricate technology easy to understand. The video was a hit and was given the nod to premiere at NY Interop, one of the industry's most renowned conventions.