Opening the Conversation, Demonstrating Value

Cisco wanted to demonstrate to current Network Optimization Service customers the critical business value and impact on ROI that Cisco’s service brought to them. The challenge for Bleu: Open the conversation with renewal customers, then reinforce and highlight how Cisco partners with them every day to help them deal with rapid changes in business.

Video Information Architecture

Video Information Architecture

“The Evolving Journey” Video

The NOS story is about a journey—not through time, but through technology as it is evolving today. Beginning with the branded Cisco “grid” structure and moving to an animated line, the viewer sees how networks today have truly become a moving target—ripe for customization and continuously in need of proactive, end-to-end support. We used icons and symbols, simple metrics, and a powerful case study to take the viewer on a fascinating tour through the technologies that are driving today’s business transformations.

“The Proven Performance” Infographic

We wanted our infographic to literally add up the real-world value of Cisco’s end-to-end NOS approach. So we see the old way of doing things transition into the new with animated statistics consistently and dramatically illustrating the power of Cisco’s solutions. Plus, the interactive graphics consistently highlight the increased ROI through case studies as they focus on the importance of customization for solutions in one powerful program.


The Conversation Begins

More than anything else, Cisco needed to start reaching out to NOS customers who couldn’t perceive what an IT partner (rather than simply vendor) can do when it comes to efficiency, savings, and optimization. Through Cisco’s renewal programs, customers are now getting a better understanding of how powerful Cisco’s NOS programs can be. Early reactions from Cisco partners: overwhelmingly positive.