Information Dissemination

To connect with customers through engaging thought-leadership content, Salesforce tasked Bleu with writing a series of eBooks and white papers designed to help its clients stay on top of industry trends with relevant takeaways. Complemented by a strategic customer journey and media play to broaden industry awareness, we created a new avenue for Salesforce to connect more deeply with its customers.

Bleu Whitepapers

Insightful Content

From healthcare and retail to finance and life sciences, Bleu’s industry-specific content details the latest trends and market dynamics. Our comprehensive research process involves interviewing industry experts for the most up-to-date analysis and forecasts. And customers gain the knowledge needed to stay competitive thanks to actionable insights and ideas.

Beautiful Design

We take advantage of all that digital publishing has to offer. Based on the look and feel of the Salesforce brand, the layout reflects a clean and simple format that is both beautiful and easy to read. Viewable on desktop, mobile, and in print, each white paper and eBook is ready to reach Salesforce customers no matter where they are.

We blew CTRs out of the water—up to 5.5 times higher than the industry average.

Smart Media

At Bleu, we are able to negotiate the best possible media rates for all of our campaigns, due to our relationships with publishers across multiple industries. We offer sophisticated pre-campaign strategy with our proprietary media rationale, and our weekly and post-campaign reporting provides data in measurable, easy-to-understand results. For Salesforce, our media plans have included placements such as targeted banner ads and supporting emails in order to connect across multiple customer channels. Results illustrate the effectiveness of our plans with multiple downloads achieved and an overall click-through rate (CTR) that exceeds the industry average.