Building Great Client Relationships

Building relationships with clients can make the work day a great day, every day. There is nothing more fulfilling than being appreciated. This type of spiritual income is a valuable part of life—for you and everyone around you. Through my career, I have seen what works best when communicating and engaging with clients. A great client relationship can open countless doors and create endless opportunities, so here’s my advice to get you started:

The First Impression: One of the keys to creating a good relationship is the first impression. And one of the best ways to send a positive first impression is a smile—which can be noticed from 100 feet away—and a warm handshake. Clothing, grooming, eye contact, and, surprisingly, how happy and well balanced you are, are important as well.

Maintain a Good Impression: First impressions are tough to change, but that does not mean a negative impression can’t develop. Be consistent in your interactions with others and always over-deliver. What one looks for after that first impression is validation of that existing conclusion. So meet your client’s expectations and validate their belief in your value.

Be a WYSIWYG Person: A person who’s happy on the inside tends to display him or herself as happy on the outside. These people are “WYSIWYGs”—What You See Is What You Get. A happy, grounded, positive person tends to radiate that internal contentment in a way that creates a positive impression on others. In a world of constant truth-bending, WYSIWYGs are a breath of pure oxygen.

Make a Change—If You Need To: More often than not, we have some work to do if we want to change someone’s existing impression of us. And change comes slowly. It has even been said that it takes up to 200 positive impressions in the human brain to change a bad opinion. Imagine that!

Capitalize on the Small Stuff: As the relationship develops, pay attention to the small stuff. Recognize the minor accomplishments. Any time you can share a small happiness, tap into it. Surprises are a known happiness-stimuli. A birthday, a newborn baby, or a special event in one’s life does not take too much effort to share.

A client relationship is not only critical to your business, but it’s incredibly special. The meeting of the minds for a creative and productive purpose is an amazing opportunity for both sides. Always give the relationship the attention it deserves and then some. You’ll be amazed at what you can accomplish.   Photo by George Williams
Laura Van Galen
Laura Van Galen
(Bleu Founder & CEO, Bleu Engagement Story Creator) Laura van Galen founded Bleu Marketing Solutions in 2001, and brings over 33 years of domestic and international success in brand marketing, customer acquisition and retention marketing, channel management, and profitable campaign building. Under her leadership, Bleu was ranked in the Top 100 Bay Area Women-Owned Businesses in 2013. And, in 2008, she won the National Association of Women Business Owners Rising Star Award. An active mother of an extended family, Laura also spends time mentoring young people through an extended internship program and nurturing the local music industry.

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