Getting Everyone Involved

Content Team

Wanted to say, I love how the content team is encouraging everyone at Bleu to share ideas and be part of our company voice. Kudos to all. And a special Thank You to Luke, George, Joy, and Lena for an awesome presentation on our new blog and the whole engagement initiative. Go team Bleu!

And to everyone else out there, join us and engage here and on our social networks:

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Laura Van Galen
Laura Van Galen
(Bleu Founder & CEO, Bleu Engagement Story Creator) Laura van Galen founded Bleu Marketing Solutions in 2001, and brings over 33 years of domestic and international success in brand marketing, customer acquisition and retention marketing, channel management, and profitable campaign building. Under her leadership, Bleu was ranked in the Top 100 Bay Area Women-Owned Businesses in 2013. And, in 2008, she won the National Association of Women Business Owners Rising Star Award. An active mother of an extended family, Laura also spends time mentoring young people through an extended internship program and nurturing the local music industry.

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