Awards Make Everyone Look Good

In this industry, we should be singularly focused on building our clients’ businesses through effective marketing, right? Absolutely. That is until something called “award season” rolls around and we get the tiniest bit distracted by shiny objects. So for 10 minutes or so during one day in September, we are fully immersed in the process of painstakingly completing the submission form. We are thinking of nothing but making sure we’ve dotted all the “i”s and crossed all the “t”s. More often than not, it pays off in recognition—for us and our clients. Such was the case when we were honored with a W3 Award for our work with Fenix. The W3 Awards distinguish creative excellence on the web, and we’re proud of the fact that Fenix’s website brought home the 2015 silver award amidst some tough competition. Beyond that, we couldn’t be more appreciative of our perennial standing on the San Francisco Business Times list of the Bay Area’s 100 largest women-owned businesses. Laura van Galen started Bleu almost 15 years ago and the agency continues to grow with the help of a talented staff and amazing client list. Oh, and did we mention the Davey Awards? “The Davey Awards honors the best in web, design, video, advertising, mobile, and social from small agencies worldwide.” Again, the Fenix website was a winner, bringing home another silver for its website in the restaurant category. What’s more, our campaign for New Relic won a silver award for its integrated campaign in the business-to-business category. Recognition can be validating, reminding us that the symbiotic relationship between client and agency is worth celebrating, no matter what the season.
Tina Bayles
Tina Bayles
(Senior Copywriter, Story Creator) I'm a transplant from Texas who has no business being in the coolest state in the union. But I moved here anyway and found a home at Bleu. I love creativity in any shape, form or fashion, and am lucky to have an outlet for mine in something they call a "job."

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