August Is the New December

While it may seem a bit like putting the proverbial sleigh before the reindeer, the fact is, holiday marketing begins now. (We trust you’ve seen pumpkins popping up in store fronts already.) Clearly, most of us would prefer to wait for a more “appropriate” month (October, perhaps?) to begin thinking about you-know-what, but, truth is, the early (calling) bird catches the worm when it comes to seasonal communications. So let’s get this holiday party started, shall we? Let’s spread some cheer, reconnect with our audiences, and develop a holiday campaign that attracts more attention than the Griswold house. Because at Bleu, we believe what you do today can pay off in December with goodwill, stronger company relationships, and even unexpected business opportunities. So how do you wrap up the holidays even before they begin? Simple. Open your calendar, curse under your breath, compose yourself, and give us a call. We’ll take it from there. After all, we’re experts at creating holiday marketing materials designed to keep companies top-of-mind—even when minds are distracted by sugar plum fairies and fruit cake. See how we’re getting the word out.
Tina Bayles
Tina Bayles
(Senior Copywriter, Story Creator) I'm a transplant from Texas who has no business being in the coolest state in the union. But I moved here anyway and found a home at Bleu. I love creativity in any shape, form or fashion, and am lucky to have an outlet for mine in something they call a "job."

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