Bleu Welcomes Back Katherine Skuratovskiy

Katherine Skuratovskiy (Katie to us), former Bleu Account Manager, now at Google, came back recently for our first alumni day. A new element of our intern program, alumni day allows Bleu interns to gather valuable career insights and expand their network in the industry. Katie’s presentation, chock-full of unfortunate bunny gifs and poodles practicing aerobics, introduced our interns to her upbeat outlook on career building. 1.  Never stop learning. There’s always some way in which you can get better at your job or work on your career-building skills. At every job, Katie has been able to learn and become an expert at something new.  For example, the award-winning Super Recruit project she produced at Bleu where she had to figure out how to track down costumes for a photo shoot featuring a half-man, half-squirrel. Okay, maybe she didn’t actually become an expert at that particular skill, but she certainly pulled it off. Katie advises taking advantage of the flexibility within the marketing world that allows for learning to take on new and interesting responsibilities. She actively pursues her affinity for learning through her career in marketing. 2.  Have a passion. There is obvious value in pursuing something (through work or on your own) that motivates you. Something you love simply because you enjoy it. But in terms of your career path, Katie also maintains that an opportunity to do something interesting is the best reason to take on a project or a new job. 3.  Play nice. Building relationships with people through positive interaction can only move you forward. “The relationships you forge with people, that’s the real value you take from any job. The relationships I made here at Bleu, the mentorship I received—that makes such a big difference.” Some side benefits to playing nice: LinkedIn recommendations. Katie recommends: “Don’t be afraid to ask for recommendations from the people with whom you’ve built those strong relationships. They won’t mind helping you. And recommendations are a valuable part of your LinkedIn profile.” Indeed, keeping your LinkedIn profile up-to-date is important—after all, that’s how Google found Katie. Now commuting to Google’s San Francisco office, Katie enjoys the company-provided scrambled eggs for breakfast every morning and is transferring the creativity and ingenuity that she practiced at Bleu to new projects. She’ll be taking some time off on maternity leave, but we expect to see big things, as always, when she returns. Thanks so much for spending the afternoon with us, Katie. We loved it. IMG_0741Use4 IMG_0745_BG Use5 IMG_0746_BGIMG_0764IMG_0762Use7 IMG_0766_BGIMG_0779_BG IMG_0778_BGEveryone

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