Alumni Day: Justin Chuan

As the second speaker in our Bleu Alumni Series, we were very happy to welcome back Justin Chuan, former visual designer at Bleu and now senior visual designer at Sharethrough, Inc. Justin, who believes the power of design rests in triggering transformative thought and sentiment, explained that if a company answers the intention of why a brand exists, it can expand the imagination and values of its audience. Here are his three steps to unlocking your potential as an advertiser: 1. Do what you do and enjoy discovering yourself. To achieve this goal, you must foster a childlike inquisition within the self. If your mind and body are unfiltered as you navigate the content of life, then you enable a true sense of freedom to learn about your own purpose and intention. This philosophy is a pure form of discovery that allows you to self-reflect and, in turn, self-actualize. 2. Participate. Participation is mandatory. By acting upon any inclination, you never know what the world may return to you. Chuan participated in a trending meme, “Leg Gun,” in support of Ai Weiwei’s protest against gun violence. Ai Weiwei shared Justin’s photo on Instagram, which led BBC to run a story featuring him. This proves that you never know who is paying attention to you, so you might as well put yourself out there and open yourself up to unexpected opportunities. 3. Remember that perspective will find you, but never stop looking for it. Always explore and never get comfortable. As you navigate the many trials and errors of life, you gain perspective on the energetic forces that excite your consciousness. Mental flexibility and peaceful conflict resolution are your friends. Deconstruct the negatives and integrate the positives. IMG_6900GW copy IMG_6908GW copy IMG_6906GW IMG_6930 copy   Photos by George Williams

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