The Agency Acronyms

From hospitals to banks, to the great outdoors, every work environment has a certain vocabulary that one must get accustomed to. At an agency we work with an endless list of acronyms and abbreviations. The dialog one encounters when working at an agency can seem more like “text speak” than actually F2F (face to face) conversation. To guide you through this agency jargon we’ve put together a condensed list of some we use here at Bleu. Businesses, Markets, and Locations

B2B – business to business

B2C – business to consumer

SMB – small business

DM – direct message

P2P – person to person (social)

BRIC – Brazil, Russia, India, China

EMEAR – Europe, Middle East, Africa, and Russia

APJC – Asia-Pacific, Japan, China

LATAM – Latin America

The Money Lingo

CPA – cost per acquisition

CPC – cost per click

CPL – cost per lead

CPM – cost per thousand

CPV – cost per view

CR – conversion rate

EPM – earning per thousand

PPC – pay per click

PPL – pay per lead

PPV – pay per view

ROI – return on investment

USP – unique selling proposition

SOV – share of voice

Time and Date

YTD – year to date

YOY – year over year

EOD – end of day

RTD – real-time data

The Web Jargon

CTR – click through rate

DMP – data management platform

FTP – file transfer protocol

SEM – search engine marketing

SEO – search engine optimization

CRM – customer relationship management

ESP – email service provider

PV – page views

UV – unique visitor

CMGR – community manager

 The Studio Stuff

XML – extensible markup language

HTTP – hypertext transfer protocol

HTML – hypertext markup language

PDF – portable document format

JPEG – joint photographic experts group

QR CODE – quick response code

DM – direct mail/marketing

QA – quality assurance

UX – user experience

CTA – call to action

API – application programming interface

SOW – statement of work

RFP – request for proposal

RFQ – request for quote

The Social Slang

IM – instant messaging

RT – retweet

DM – direct message

FB – Facebook

F2F – face to face

JV – joint venture

LMK – let me know

TYT – take your time

TIA – thanks in advance

IRL – in real life

ICYMI – in case you missed it

HTH – hope that helps

IG – Instagram

WYSIWYG – what you see is what you get 

This list is far from complete, so tweet us at @bleusocial to share your favorites and we’ll add them to the list.

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