HP Superheroes Wins Bleu Another Davey Award!

The HP Superhero campaign is the third in a series of game apps for HP sales team internal training.

“This is the third iteration of the gameified training app, so our challenge was to find new ways to weave HP product knowledge into the story in a way that still feels organic,” said copy chief Luke Heyerman. For some behind the scenes insight on the project we spoke to Senior Designer Yrving Torrealba about what it took to create the campaign. According to Yrving, the most exciting aspect creatively was developing the cast of characters. “We set out to create unique and fun characters that aligned with our game and story. We spent most of our time on our sidekick Blinko, as he was the character guiding users through the whole experience,” said Yrving. Heyerman added that the silly sidekick was indeed the perfect addition to the game, stating “The artist’s interpretation made the character so much fun to write for. And, of course, his name came after we saw those big, puppy dog eyes.” Torrealba mentioned that there were several rounds of revisions before the team decided on the final look. Initial sketches had Blinko looking a little too Dr. Suess and a little too Despicable Me:

blinko initial.png

blinko concepts

blinko drafts

 But he evolved into the Blinko we know and love today:

blinko selected

blinko finalIn addition to Blinko, the creative team faced the challenge of delivering unique results customized to the actions users took during the game. They created a variety of powers, wigs, and uniforms that added some fun and a bit of surprise to the experience. “We wanted every move the user makes to have some meaning and slightly change the outcome so that people can learn new things and have a different experience each time they play,” said Heyerman.

On winning the Davey Gold Award, Yrving says it feels extremely rewarding. “When our clients approach us with challenges, we see creative solutions,” He explained. “An award like this confirms that what we do here at Bleu can have a significant impact in the digital world.”

The 2012 HP Super Recruit training app also won a Davey Gold Award for interactive multimedia. You can check out the case study for last year’s award-winning game here.

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