11 Apps for Rocking your Internship

We’ve compiled the ultimate list of apps for dominating your internship. From finding your way around the neighborhood to tutorials on Photoshop, these apps will bring out the professional in you, and might even get you hired.

Glassdoor App


Get the inside scoop from employees about the workplace.

Interview Prep Questions App Interview Prep Questions

This app will ask the questions you haven’t thought of, so you’re prepared for the big interview.

Waze AppWaze Social GPS, Maps & Traffic

You got the internship… now you just need to find your way there. Avoid being late with Waze and learn how to best conquer your commute.

Sunrise Calendar App

Sunrise Calendar

As an intern, you can expect to be balancing a busy schedule. This app helps you view your calendars all in one place, so you can stay on track.

 Around Me App

Around Me

Get to know the neighborhood around your work. From coffee shops to dry cleaners and office supplies stores, this app will help you find your way.

Evernote App


The best place for storing notes and keeping your mind organized while on the job.

 Dropbox App


You may need to be productive even while out of the office. This is the easiest way to access, share, and store important documents in the cloud.

 Twitter App


Okay, we know you probably  have this one already, but now is the time to start using Twitter productively. Follow thought leaders and businesses relevant to your internship, and impress your boss when you’re the first to know about trends, news, and updates.

LinkedIn Job App

LinkedIn Job Search

This new app is the best way to discover, plan, and track your future job search. Find the skills you need to develop during your internship so you stand out when applying for your dream job.

Snapchat App


This one depends on your work environment. But if it’s appropriate, keep your friends updated with snaps from the job. Just because you’re working doesn’t mean you have to give up your social life.

wikiHow App

Wiki How

During an internship you should be learning a ton of skills. However, there won’t always be someone there to teach you. WikiHow is the best way to get free tutorials on everything from calculating marginal revenue, to creating layers in Photoshop. Trust us–you’re going to need this one.

Are we missing anything?! Comment below with the apps you find most helpful.

Co-authors: George Williams and Joy Findeisen

Photo by: George Williams

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